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Joe Rivard, President

N Compass Media


With over a decade of experience in the College Campus marketing field Joe Rivard has an extensive track record OF meeting the advertising, MARKETING and SALES promotional needs of dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, FedEx-Kinkos, and H&R Block.


Joe has established himself as an important figure in reaching Gen Z.  He has developed the trust, reach, and expertise in many different facets of marketing to the GEN Z audience in order to meet the high expectations and specific needs of his diverse business clientele.

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N COMPASS MEDIA  is a  College Campus Marketing Company specializing in promoting Brands large and small to Gen Z on their college campus.  We are a niche specific media, marketing, sales promotion & advertising agency, Our specialty is reaching Gen Z on their college campus. We offer advertising programs and sales promotions designed to bring your brand to the attention of this powerful Gen Z audience in order to increase your sales and create brand loyalty.