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Gen Z has an attention span of 8 seconds. So to even be noticed your Brand has to make its mark in under 10 seconds.  And it has to be Edgy, Unique, Visually Engrossing, Non-traditional and tell a Story.

Gen Z College Campus Video Advertising
Gen Z Will Watch 2 Tmes As Many Videos On Their Mobile Than Any Other Generation.

OK brace yourself and take every campaign you created for Millennial's and dispose of them in the most environmentally correct way possible.  GEN Z is here to tell you that they are so different you need to reset and erase any old notions you are hanging on to. If you don't, you will be marketing to a generation that is dumb, deaf, and blind to your efforts. 


GEN Z's characteristics are to be applauded.  This is a generation that embodies the spirit of the American Dream.  They are not cry babies.  And the only 'safe space' they need is a quiet area where the sound coming from their phone can be heard.  They have maturity and an independent spirit. They have a vision for their future.  75% of Gen Z teens want to transition from their hobby to making it a full time job and 72% of Gen Z in high school can see themselves starting their own business.  61% view being an entrepreneur more positive than being an employee.   Interesting to note that the lowest levels in decades for Drug use, Alcohol consumption, Smoking and teen pregnancy are seen in Gen Z. 


But don't think they are an easy mark.  Gen Z has an attention span of 8 seconds. So to even be noticed, your Brand has to make an impression in under 10 seconds.  And it has to be Edgy, Unique, Visually Engrossing, Non-traditional while telling a Story. They prefer a global vs. Local slant with a diverse and positive message. 60% of Gen Z wants to change the world and they want your product to convey how it will contribute to the benefit of the world..


This is a generation that receives over 3000 text messages a month, has left Facebook in the dust for YouTube, Snapchap and Instagram. They watch 2 times as many videos on their mobile than any other generation. Wondering the best way to reach them?  33% Emails, 34% Social Media, 28% Online Ads, 13% Snail Mail, 14% Outdoor Ads.

To sum it up, Gen Z offers quite a challenge.  But mixing all their qualifiers together and blending them with a huge amount of creativity just might produce the recipe that will turn them into the loyal following you are seeking.

A huge shout out to Deep Focus and Upfront Analytics for the statistics.


Author: Joe Rivard, President, N Compass Media. "If you’re a brand looking to get exposure to the 18-22 demographic on a college campus, contact me. N Compass Media offers many creative opportunities to promote your Brand. Take advantage of my complimentary 30 minute consultation where you can discuss any question you may have."

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