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Social Responsibility runs in Gen Z's blood. It is everything to them. And they want the Brands of the products they use to be fiercely Socially Responsible.

Gen Z Wants To Save The World And They Want Your Brand To Feel That Way Too.

Generation Z stands apart from Millennials and they are proud of that. Their differences are striking. Gen Z is Independent, Focused, Determined, Hard-working, Competitive, Entrepreneurial and Socially Responsible.

Social Responsibility runs in their blood. It is everything to them. And they want the Brands of the products they use to be fiercely Socially Responsible too. Not tucked away on some product label somewhere. They want your Brand to adopt the Cause. To be the global or local Face of the Cause. They even expect the local cafe to stand for something with a passion. If not, well Gen Z will know of another cafe that does. Big or small, Gen Z will always seek a Purposed Brand (a Brand known for standing for a particular cause). They thoughtfully research the products they use so there is no wiggle room for a Brand when it comes to having a Cause.

Gen Z surpasses all other generations in buying power and influence on the purchases of those around them. Right now their buying power is upwards of $75 million in the USA and growing every day. Combine that figure with the purchasing decisions they influence and we are looking at a very good reason to bring your Brand in alignment with them.

Author: Joe Rivard, President, N Compass Media. "If you’re a brand looking to get exposure to the 18-22 demographic on a college campus, contact me. N Compass Media offers many creative opportunities to promote your Brand to Gen Z on their college campus. Take advantage of my complimentary 30 minute consultation where you can discuss any question you may have."

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