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College Marketing Companies such as N Compass Media can put your brand directly into the hands of students who have a proven track record as Brand Ambassadors and Influencers.

Great College Campus Brand Ambassadors are social, well liked, respected and have a network on campus and on social media.

Identify What You Expect From A Brand Ambassador.

A great Brand Ambassador is social. They are people who are well liked and respected. They have a presence on campus and on social media and know how to work their network on your behalf. By representing your Brand, they create an emotional attachment that shines through when they talk about you. Because they have become invested in your Brand they want to share information with others who in turn will share to their network. Gen Z respects the opinion of those they trust. It's a magical circle of good will and endorsement for your Brand.


Finding The Right College Campus Brand Ambassadors.

College Marketing Companies such as N Compass Media can put your brand directly into the hands of students who have a proven track record as Brand Ambassador and Influencers.

College Event Staffing Begins With Relationship Building.

The best Brand Ambassadors are cultivated. They are not just pick out of a hat. The Brand Ambassadors and Influencers N Compass Media will incorporate into your College Marketing Campaign are students we have developed relationships with and have been working with since their freshman year. They are vetted and qualified to represent your Brand in the best possible way. In addition, they have access to the campus you want to reach. For each specific college campus, our network of Brand Ambassadors know where to place themselves to have the biggest impact and do so within the regulations on campus.

College Event Staffing Companies Provide The Best Student Ambassador and Influencers.

N Compass Media has an exclusive college advertising network. Our United States college network provides Brand Ambassadors that are available for 4,000+ colleges and universities in the US. These Brand Ambassadors will take your product and promote it with unmatched enthusiasm and dedication.

Author: Joe Rivard, President, N Compass Media. "If finding the best Brand Ambassadors and Influencers to promote your product on college campuses is something on your bucket list, contact me. N Compass Media offers many creative opportunities to promote your Brand to Gen Z on their college campus. Take advantage of my complimentary 30 minute consultation where you can discuss what you are looking for in a Brand Ambassador or Influencer."

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