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Using Guerrilla Marketing on the college campus can present Gen Z with a surprising product campaign that can engross, entertain and intrigue them at the same time.

This Is Not The Face Of Guerrilla Marketing in 2020.

Companies often think of Guerrilla Marketing as a marketing tactic that has a rough and tumble, in your face, brash element to it. In the past maybe. But as the years have gone by Guerrilla Market has mellowed.

Going into 2020, the concept of Guerrilla Marketing is still holding its own. Guerrilla Marketing promotes a 'coloring outside the lines' thinking and cost effective promotions offering Brands an affordable way to test new promotional concepts.

Over time Guerrilla Marketing has taken on some of the subtle qualities of Stealth Marketing. This combination can sit very well with Gen Z who are bombarded with ads every time they look at their phone. Grabbing their attention with something unexpected can be a refreshing oasis to them.

Using Guerrilla Marketing on the college campus creatively can present Gen Z with a surprising product campaign that can engross, entertain and intrigue them. Your Brand can deliver something that is memorable enough to generate the buzz level you want. So don't step away from Guerrilla Marketing in 2020. Step up to the challenge of incorporating all of its innovative opportunities into your other marketing plans. And when you do, we would love to hear about your success stories.

Author: Joe Rivard, President, N Compass Media. "If you’re a brand looking to get exposure to the 18-22 demographic on a college campus, contact me. Guerrilla Marketing is only one of the many opportunities to promote your Brand. Take advantage of my complimentary 30 minute consultation where you can discuss any question you may have."

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