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Graduation and Commencement will be attended by parents, friends and family members. It’s also the time smart marketers promote their Brand to reach this enviable demographic.


The graduation and commencement ceremony on every college campus is one of the most high profile events of the year from a marketing standpoint. Aside from the ‘Back-to-School’/Orientation period, this is the only other event where students, their parents, and extended friends and family will be on hand and looking to celebrate the occasion. Given the nature of this time-frame, smart marketers, companies and business located around the college campuses, or ones just looking to reach this demographic as a whole, can successfully invest in key college advertising solutions to boost ROI. Maximizing any investment in reaching this demographic during this time is key, here are a 3 things to consider when putting together a marketing plan:

Reach the Parents of Graduating Students before Commencement Day:

Take advantage of N Compass Media's 100% opted-in email lists to reach Parents,Friends and Family members prior to the Graduation date. Reach them directly before arriving to campus via direct email to capture their buying power.

Use Student Ambassadors To Work The Crowd:

Student Ambassadors represent your Brand and work the crowd generating enthusiasm and or sales for your Brand. Our Student Ambassadors are chosen for their ability to represent your Brand and to get on campus within the rules and regulations of campus protocol. They will have first-hand knowledge of the campus and know where the best spots to engage parents and students are located. This approach is a highly effective way to hand out coupons and other collateral to drive in foot traffic.

OOH - Out Of Home Advertising:

OOH, Out of Home Advertising, Outside Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Outdoor Media. Call it by any name your want because its impact is indisputable. Did you know that Gen Z loves OOH because they can't be tracked. They actually find OOH to be relaxing. They can choose to look at it or not. But we suspect they will always take a peek and keep their eyeballs on it for a while if it is clever and catches them off guard. Signage on campus, prior to the event, should be located in high traffic areas such as Student Unions, Dorms, Greek Life areas, student common areas, academic buildings, classrooms and other gathering locations. Using OOH placements around the graduation ceremony location (on and off campus), using transit advertising, mobile billboards , street blimps and through other creative concepts, will allow your brand to be out front of your competition.


Author: Joe Rivard, President, N Compass Media. "If you’re a brand looking to get exposure to the 18-22 demographic on a college campus, contact me. Commencement is only one of the many opportunities to promote your Brand. Take advantage of my complimentary 30 minute consultation where you can discuss any question you may have."

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